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Selecting Your Email Hosting Service

The hosting of email, because of the common domain use, is often bound with website hosting and falls under the same hosting service. The facilities and tools offered by the hosting service to manage mail services make your life easy or difficult.

It is important to understand that your website hosting and email hosting do not have to both be on the same server. Linux servers have always provided superior mail administration services and many of our clients split the website and mail hosting for this reason. Some web hosts offer better support than others within the Linux community.

The following checklist might prove useful in ensuring that your mail hosting provider is offering the essential services :

  • Spam Filter Settings
    - Domain wide sensitivity (threshhold) settings
    - Blacklisting and whitelisting
  • eMail Server Logs
    - For mail tracking and missing mail forensics
  • Aliases and Mail Forwarding
    - Aliases can be used for multiple incoming splits.
        So a mail to sales can be replicated and have copies sent to several different recipients
    - Forwards can be used for diversions when a user is on leave
    - Forwards are also useful for backups and supervisory monitoring
  • Webmail
    - Emergency mail access
    - Changing personal preferences
    - Setting autoresponder messages
    - Upstream spam bucket monitoring
  • POP and IMAP Compliancy
    - Better smartphone integration
  • Autoresponder
    - Dead mailbox rerouting
    - Server based out-of-office messaging
  • Detailed Spam Filter Failure Reporting
    - Essential for improving mail receivability
    - Forensic fixes for your correspondents domain problems
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