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Over time, we have been approached by designers and developers to take over the management and maintenance of completed websites. For some we provide this as backroom "white label" services and for others we are required to actively engage the clients to take the client websites forward.

We also take sites over where the developer is exiting and requires reliable and competent site custodianship for the client.


  • We keep clients updated with "best practice" advice in response to market changes, threats, opportunities and SEO directions.
  • We are never in competition with developers and see ourselves as providing supporting services
  • Our business model aligns with the need to have platform contril and close support liason with our own technicians and engineers where we have well established operating relationships. For these reasons we require supported sites to be hosted on our own servers.
  • Where developers are concerned, our services are directed towards reducing the maintenance demands on developer's time.


  • Classic ASP scripting and legacy support for Windows sites.
  • Maintenance of pHp scripting in Linux servers.
  • SEO Services including general optimisation for organic search and SEO audits.
  • Geolocation targeting for both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Mail Deliverability and tracking technologies which include SPF, DKIM, DNS and mail server configurations


Fast becoming one of the more time consuming functions, email issues are increasingly occuring in the more complex back areas of the internet. False-positive spam identification problems (read that as "missing mail") result from complex SPF and mail structure issues that require specialised knowledge of DNS, mail tracking and spam filtering systems to solve.

Educating users in evolving "best practice" methods is another service to improve deliverability.

We can also audit domains for mail deliverability weaknesses on a recurring basis to improve deliverability and minimise genuine business mail losses.


This is a major area where we add value and can assist with technology transfer and ongoing client education. We also offer SEO reviews, audit and ad hoc advice.

Please refer to our SEO section, pages and various articles.


These services are offered as a supporting function to "Best Practice SEO" in providing meaurement to prompt remedial action.

  • Benchmarking the SERPs for keyphrases and LTKz
  • Using Google Search Console (aka Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Interpreting Google Analytics
  • Using raw server stats reports


Our hosting packages range from good cause "pro bono" to limited "full service" hosting at prices in line with standard ISP hosting. There are other options for higher end users.

For developers we can offer bulk rates where we bill the developer who then bills his clients directly. We then provide regular service for the client to the developer for client delivery.


This grew from the need to ensure that the client's domains were well administered and not lost to domain hijackers or through negligence. Out internal automated systems back up the registrar systems in this regard.

We also have a gowing business where we warehouse domains for speculators, offshore owners and those requiring proxy ownership.

We also trade in domains and find buyers for discarded and redundant domains.


Our general policy is not to charge for minor amendments (up to 20 minutes labour) but there are many sites that require regular content change and graphic manipulation. Our staff have extensive expertise in this area and can work piecemeal or on a contracted basis.