Protect and Grow Your Website Investment

Increase Your Traffic, Enquiries and R.O.I.

Deal with Security, Hacking, Malware and Abuse

Avoid eMail Deliverability and Lost Mail Issues

Evolve Dynamically as Trends Emerge

... and All This at Little or No Extra Cost !

Are you a

Let us provide you with an interface with the hosting farm technical support. Friendly, hand-holding support is offered in that developer/host gap.

• Is your website under-performing ?
• Are updates not being made as requested ?
• Is the site hard to find in Google ?
• Are your backups being made and saved ?
• Feeling abandoned by your developer ?

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Learn about :
- Developing a Website Strategy
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Developing Content
- Promoting and Driving Traffic
- Reviews and Redevelopment
- Organic Traffic vs. Pay-Per-Click

Or are you a

We can take over the client maintenance load that sometimes swamps you, especially when you are deep into new projects. We are very focussed on user education, ongoing SEO issues and providing high level support. We are not in the developer market and are not competitors.

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Learn about :
- Our Skillsets and Policies
- Keeping Clients Aware and Informed
- The eMail Burden
- Monitoring and Metrics
- Pricing and Costs
- Domain Custodianship
- Backups, Failovers and Recoveries
- Scripting and Database Competencies
What is "Boutique Website Hosting" ?

The normal course of website development starts with a brief to a web designer, a quote is approved, the build and launch follow, there are some changes and iterations, and then you settle back and wait for the traffic to build and the orders to start rolling in.

The developer often withdraws to some extent at this stage as there are other projects for attention.   Now let's fast forward six months or more.....

The anticipated enquiries have not yet happened and a number of issues may now have arisen which need attention.   The developer may no longer be available (or has no expertise in these areas or time availability).   Servicing legacy projects is not a favourite or profitable activity.   The hosting company (where your website was placed) largely provides technical support and this type of maintenance and development work is outside their competency and permitted activities.

This leaves the website owner a little high and dry.   What to do.?   And this is where a boutique hosting service steps in to fill the gap.

Consider another scenario:   Your emails are not all reaching their recipients.   Some simply vanish and neither you nor the receiver are aware of this.   And the same can occur with incoming mail.   Who will help? We understand development (having been in the business for over 20 years) and have run bulk hosting for multiple platforms and technologies for hundreds of websites.   We have seen and done most everything during this time.   We are search engine and web maintenance specialists and provide a high level of support and advice in these focussed areas.   These are not developer functions or technical hosting issues   -   but they are in our area of expertise.

We interface with the website owner and can provide services to get done whatever needs to be done.   We liase with web farm support and advise and guide the client through whatever needs doing.   And generally this is at no extra cost to the client.

It's also "boutique" in that we offer a high level of personal care and expertise at little if no extra cost.   And it's a lot that we offer.!

Our business model works on the low hosting costs we have with bulk hosting and running our own managed servers.   Our skill and expertise are concentrated in these areas and are therefore well tested and quick to execute.