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Hosting Terms & Conditions
At CyberFace the small print favours you

At CyberFace the website hosting small print is there to protect you. We explicitly protect you because of our disgust at rogue website hosting companies that trick their clients with the small print.
Do not underestimate the problems that can arise with website hosting. When domain owners (you) wish to move their web sites from one hosting company to another, the REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NAMES seeks permission from all affected parties including you and the hosting company.
If ANY party objects, the registrar does not mediate, but leaves it to you and the hosting company to battle out your differences in court.

Website hosting - the small print

  1. At CyberFace, your website belongs to YOU. We will NEVER claim ownership of your website and tell you "You are free to leave, but you must leave your website behind."
  2. At CyberFace, there is no web hosting contract for you to sign. We simply provide you a copy of these 'small print' conditions.
  3. If you wish to leave our website hosting service, you may do so at any time. All that we require is 30 days notice(one month) when you wish to cancel and that your account is paid up to date if you choose to leave.
  4. Website hosting fees are payable monthly in advance via Debit Order. When you sign up for our hosting services we will ask you to complete a debit order form and fax it back to us.

And that's THAT! It's cost effective hosting without any unnecessary hassles, that simple!

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