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Why is a good web site hosting
service crucial to your success?

REAL HUMANS: When you need advice from your web site hosting service wouldn't you prefer to deal with an intelligent human rather than FAQs and autoresponders?
As a web site hosting service we get lots of emails and phone calls - even during weekends and on public holidays. Do we leave the answering machine on and respond to emails on Monday or Tuesday? No, we tackle the issue immediately!

FAIR PRICE: Wouldn't you like to sure that you are paying a fair price for your web site hosting service?
Our research (and our satisfied customers) tells us that we are the most competitively priced quality web site hosting service in South Africa. Don't believe us? Try phoning Mweb or UUNet for their prices.

web site hosting - the need for real service

South African businesses are notorious for providing bad service. Orders wrongly taken, incompetent support and back-up, phone calls not returned, emails not answered. This also applies in the web site hosting business. We are determined to be different. Here is how:

  • Human web site hosting help - even at weekends
    We pride ourselves on answering phone calls on or before the third ring. Emails within an hour.

  • Underloaded servers
    We 'underload' our servers - more effective web site hosting. Your web pages load faster. Over 99% uptime - no lost opportunities or service. Frontpage extensions available. For detailed information on our web site hosting (starting at R155 a month)... go.

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