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Free web host service - look
before you leap into trouble

Free web host sounds a really attractive option. But is it?
Be aware of the small print and consequences. We suggest
that you read this before you risk making very costly mistakes.

Do a search for free web hosting on the world's biggest search engine - - and you will be offered 1 660 000 results pages to choose from. Something funny going on here!

Free web hosting? Do pigs fly?

Is it possible that all these kind folk are really offering you something that is genuinely free? Do pigs fly? No proof yet!
The truth is that every one of these 'Samaritans' have a business plan to take more money off you than if they offered you a high-quality web host service at a reasonable price. They have a 1001 ways of trapping you. Here are a few of them:

Some free web site host pitfalls

  • You discover that the free web hosting is only for a month or two or three - then you have to start paying. Then you move your site, right? No way, José! If there is a dispute with a domain name, the domain registrars can leave it to the courts to decide. Try fighting court battles at home, let alone in a foreign land.

  • Often free web hosting does not allow you your own domain name like . Instead you end up with an address like . This is a kiss of death for good search engine listings and the visitor traffic you need for your business plan to come together.

  • Free web host services offer no human support. Get into difficulties sending your pages to the hosting service or setting up email addresses or accessing visitor statistics (if they exist)? Tough. You are on your own, lost in cyberspace. No human to call. Emails not replied to.

  • You find other people's advertising plonked on your web site. Yes, they did warn you - in the very small print. No escape now.


Free web host almost always = slow loading

  • Free web hosting usually involves S..L..O..W L..O..A..D..I..N..G web pages. Another kiss of death for an effective web site. Think about it. If the service is genuinely free it earns no money. So, at best, they will cram far too many sites onto a single server. Insufficient bandwidth = very slow loading = many visitors move on before they even see your site.

  • If you doubt us, listen to Ken Evoy, guru of sales on the Internet. Make Your Site Sell 2002 . If your web site is worth building (it will have cost you a lot of time and/or money) is is worth web hosting properly. Why choke over the cow's tail when you can train it (the cow) to jump over the moon?"
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