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Domain name registration facility

Choosing the best possible domain name can make a significant difference to visitor traffic. Because including your keywords can improve your search engine listings. Because some names are easier to remember.
Before your website can be 'on the web' you must have a domain name. This name needs to be officially registered to ensure that you own it and that nobody else can use it.
Before you can register your domain name you should decide on one or more possible names and ensure that nobody else already owns the name you have in mind. You can check on the 'availability' of one or many possible domain names by entering your choice in the box below and clicking on 'Enter'

Note: If you want to check more than one domain name, complete the first check and repeat with new name.
Note: Remember to enter the proposed name after the http://www and to ADD a (South Africa) .com (USA commercial) or other country name after 'yourname'.



We are happy to register your domain name for you. To enable us to do so, we will need your details. Please go to this form to fill in details.

FULL cost of registering domain

The maximum costs involved in registering a domain name are as follows:

    Domain registration: R250.00 + v.a.t.
    Domain set-up fee if hosting:    R299.00 + v.a.t.
    First month hosting:   R 155.00 + v.a.t.

Thus the total cost is R 802.56 (incl VAT)
If you only want to register (book but not use) a domain name the total cost reduces to R285.00 (includes vat).
Give careful thought to the domain name you choose. Ideally it should have the following characteristics:

  • Be as short as possible (example )
  • Include your most important keywords (example
  • Include the name of your company (example
  • Be easy to remember or guess (

Of course, it is usually impossible to include all the above characteristics (especially since many names are already taken) but they ARE worth bearing in mind in making your choice.

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